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Outdoor line up

Looks like the last day for these girls to enjoy the sun :sun_with_face: for awhile. 68° f. today 32° next couple days. Spring in Colorado lol

Sweet tooth x star fighter

Alien rock candy ? from dispensary bud

Mystery clone that we call X from my son that I grew last season that I found a few seeds in no herming, must have blown in on the wind. Really nice plant all around. Mystery clone crossed with mystery pollen lol

And Expert seed Cheese aka funky skunk.


Nice lineup sir! Set to watch… :


Appreciate that, can’t wait until I can get them outside in their forever hole. You know the feeling🤗



With a lot of sky watching and tryin t keep it out of view of the ally shoppers this is going to be the best option after I thin the trees to the south.I have to keep them under the fence line on the west because my next door neighbor refuses to turn of his bright ads security light or I have been thinking to put up my black out tarp another three feet above the fence but I’m sure someone will be :rage: The most ironic thing is this guy grows too and cant figure why his shit is all larf.Anyhow I have told him again and again.


As far as the soil goes I am gonna remove the soil from the holes which is sand, I have some two year old compost, earth worm castings, composted chicken doo, alfalfa meal, feather meal and some used super soil that I plan on filling the holes with. I was going to add chunky perlite also. Myhorcorrah is coming soon. I also have coco, what do you think?


Sounds like a man with a helluva plan.
Nice setup brother. :sunglasses::+1::v:


Thanks @oldguy, looks good in theory lol✌let’s put it to the test


Looks like you have some good hard work ahead of you. Nice soil mixes you have going. Again, looking forward to updates. I am about to harvest my last couple plants today!!


Yeah, it’s fun but I will recruit my son’s young back to help get me through. One getting started and another finishing up :grinning:.Congrats on the harvest !!