Outdoor plants for this year🧞‍♂️🧚🏻🔥

Here a 4 out of 6 plants I’m growing this year. Fruit flambé, Brisker OG, Citral Glue, Slurricane, and Fruit Loops OG


When are they going outdoors? Are they going into bigger pots or in the ground ?
What are you feeding them?
What soil are they in?

Happy Growing :vulcan_salute:


How’s it goin @docdre. the plants are going into the ground around Memorial Day. We have used an escalator to dig 6 x 6 wholes in the ground. They are around 2.5 to 3 ft tall. we use half Promix HP with half Down To Earth veganic mix. And I’m currently feeding with none other than Advanced Nutrients OIM Bundle.


It’s going safe and at home. Otherwise Great @overtherainbow
So in other words the 25th May. (I had to Google it)
Sounds like you got big plans for them outside. Can we please see the outdoor grow space?

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