That’s a nice set. I have the exact same one. In the process of looking for a ph pen I came across that set on eBay, was listed as an open box sale for 100$. I ordered it and it ended being that the corner of the box was smashed a bit and the tape seal was popped. No damage to anything , came with everything and works perfectly. :+1::+1::v:


I have one like that its yellow but the one I’m using has 2 prongs that go in the soil.

Jay Johnson


So pH and ppm and moisture meters work to a certain point but r gonna be nowhere near accurate enough to do a full grow unless u have like a lab grade one that costs an arm and leg. Lol. I’d invest in apera or bluelab pH and ppm meters. U can get the combo kit all in one does both together apera and bluelab both make the combo kits.


Also if you really want to know the PH of the soil, you may want to look at a slurry test. Just my $.02


My plants leaves are flimsy and drooping down. They are not looking healthy. I cant consistently control the humidity level added with not getting the correct ph and a stem breaking this has not been a good experience. Its been non stop issues from the time i ordered the seeds all the way thru till now. I am beyond frustrated. This is now 6 plants, or would be plants. 2 germinated then stopped growing, 2 stems broke, 1 my fault 2nd idk but probably my fault and 2 are in what appears to be the throes of death and the final weakening grip on life. Which, as well im sure is my fault. I need one of u pros to come move in with me for about 67-90 days. Im clean but get a little grumpy before coffee. Also, i have and smoke a lot of good bud, just nothing ive grown, yet!


One pro Will answer soon on that ;p :eyes:


@jhrdcr13 ,

You’re experiencing the common frustrations many new growers endure…
You NEED a QUALITY pH meter and source of R/O water…
Many times you can purchase ‘filtered water’ at 5 gal vending machines…the vast majority of these are
reverse osmosis water…Good Luck !


At this point, id say your plants are probably overloaded and stressed out from all the changes and probably too many nutrients. Its most likely experiencing nutrient lock-out. My best advice is to…

  1. Smoke a big spliff of some good sensimilla
  2. Try just watering for a few days, it could even take a week or more depending how many nutrients you’ve stacked up in the soil. I’ve found the best water for soil is a neutral water. PH 6.9 or 7.

So we don’t know what the plants look like, can you post a pic. My suggestion would be get rid of the soil tester, as I went down that road.
If they are seedlings the soil may be to hot for them.
Might be over watered as well, which is easy to do.


Im going to look into this now. Would that in the bottom of the cup be what the tds test? My first grow and learning on the fly.


Yes, your drainage water…