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Payment Processor Recommendations?

We had a tough time finding one earlier this year and switched our model away from e-commerce web transactions to offline sales. However with more time having passed by, I was wondering if anyone has been using a payment processor that hasn’t been shut down and has had a solid customer service experience without exorbitant fees?

For what it’s worth, we are only opening up e-commerce sales for the hemp part of the business.

Thank you!


try Merchant Services of America contact Joe Grande @joegrande52on IG or [email protected] tell him Marc Wasserman of Pot Brothers at Law sent you


This is a frustrating, albeit common problem many of us deal with in our business.

The @Bankers group is a small one in our community, but perhaps one of them might be able to lend a hand or offer some guidance. Good luck!


So we offer payment processing solutions. All you need is a tablet or a phone to manage, track, and issue invoices and accept payment.

If you want more information just let us know and send us an email!
[email protected]


Zodaka, the company I work for, is quickly becoming one of the more reputable CBD & cannabis payment processors. We don’t require reserves, don’t allow chargebacks, have no monthly fees, and can have you up and running online in two business days. Also, we process entirely domestically! You can sign up to speak with our onboarding team at (select “Become a Merchant”), or feel free to shoot me a DM and I can connect you with the correct people and/or answer any questions you have.


Thank you to all recommendations thus far!!