Ph & e.c outdoors

Having trouble with pH & e.c readings of runoff 2 of 3 tested 5.5ph & 6.5 with a e.c reading of 0r which I didn’t understand not sure if my meter was off just recalibrated waiting till next water to see. And 1/3 had a ppm of 4280! For my nutrients Iam using uprising grow, element ca+mag, ocean gold, & buddah grow. I’m in vermifire soiI, I checked ph in my water without any nutrients or pH up or down comes out at 7.4 so my question is what the hell is going on lol?

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Personally I would flush with 6.5 ph water for a couple days straight, Let dry out a day or so and flush one more time.
Than start over and feed no more than 300 ppm (I use the Hanna scale for ppm readings) until your flush off water is more manageable.
I aim for my flush off water to be somewhere between 300 and 500 ppm.
As the plant ages, increase the feeding ppm accordingly while keeping the flush off between 300 and 500.
When flowering starts, they will consume more food (ppm).

Good luck