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Ph meter question

Hi, I have went through 4 ph meters, mostly cheap ones and a Hanna HI98103. I am never sure which to trust because I can calibrate them and then I get 4 different readings when I use them. I was going to buy another Hanna (same one) but realized I can just buy a replacement probe. Well I can buy the whole meter cheaper than just the probe! Kinda silly. I am in Canada and the cheapest price for the replacement is $35 (CDN) but after tax and shipping its $60…I can buy the whole meter on Amazon for $50 (all in).

Am i missing something? Time to buy a different brand? It seems like a lot of meters have replaceable probes but they seem hard to find.

Any thoughts or tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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You have to be patient with ph meters; try moving the pen gently in the water till it levels

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Yes I do this now. I have been growing for a couple of years. I think the hanna probe needs replacement. Does anyone actually replace it or just buy a new meter altogether? It seems like the calibration doesnt hold very long and now Im finding it hard to trust.

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Oh yeah just replace the probe. I have gone thru 10 probes at least