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Phone Apps for Cannabis Professionals?


Just saw this article on CFN, thought it might be interesting. Do any of you guys rely on your phone apps for doing work?

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I dont use any of those apps. I love a good useful app though. I use evernote, its essential place to keep all the random information.


I was using Evernote when they had the free version, but since they switched to only allowing two devices on their free version I’ve given up using it.


It the only app I have ever paid for. Do you have any go to apps for business? I tried others, toodledo is a great app for getting things done, I just dont have the time right now to fully implement it and integrate it.


I was mainly using Evernote as a shopping list - if I’d been using it more heavily then I might have switched to the paid version. For tracking my work I just use a text file with a to-do list and I’m a big fan of the Getting Things Done method of organizing my work - zero inbox!


Oh man, is definitely one of my favorite apps. I use it for ideas, journaling, meeting notes, etc…

For organizing my team I like to use for project sharing and prioritization and for chatting with employees and partners on a day-to-day basis. Google Apps for business is essential (or something like it) to keep documents, calendars, and spreadsheets shared amongst a large team.

Other than that, maybe if I was using MotorLeaf or Hydropods, I would be using their apps to control and monitor the growing environment of my grow room.