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Pics from my grow


Looking Good @chefjonnyg
What strains are you growing, what medium are you using and what growing style or training are you going with?


I’m growing blue dream, white widow, Nicole Kush, Skittles, Durban poison, purple kush and Skywalker OG all clones from my last grow with the inclusion of five regular sativa seeds one of which ended up being a male.I have no idea what they are but they look good so far.
I just started flowering the other day I’m using a sohum soil and straight RO water pH 6.3 I have two Mars hydro 2000 watt LED full spectrum and one aggrolight 8 tube fluorescent veg which I transferred to LEDs during flowering I also am using a rain system for a CO2 keeping the room at 80° with CO2 at 7 to 800 parts per million which I will increase now that they are flowering. I’ll probably add an additional new nutrient towards the end. But the sohum does good by itself I’m doing some low stress training, tying down branches and topping. I probably top more than people usually do but if you have sufficient light you can get some nice buds on all tops


Wow very nice!