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Plant breeders And growers Cool study if you do the opposite!

I found an interesting research study that identified the candidate genes responsible for THC.

Some take aways from the article. “These proteins bind heavy metals such as Cd, Zn, and Cu, and their proposed primary function is the maintenance of Cu tolerance.” These micronutrients play two big roles in production and plant selection.

First copper is known to help in BOTRYTIS control in the flower bud! When plants have high copper level sequestered in the tissue botrytis has a harder time growing. cupric hypochlorit is one of the ingredients in Bordeaux mixture. Bordeaux mixture is a very early fungicide. Cannabis is capable of making this itself. Very cool.

Second these same micronutrients are responsible for higher THC levels! In the study they where looking for ways to reduce THC. So if you breed plants with higher levels of the protein responsible for copper sequestration, you should see higher THC levels. This means that a breeder can test seedlings for this protein. This mean you don’t have to wait for mature plants to select for high THC candidates. Cool.

The paper is a very hard read. I now need a nap.

From the voices in my head

Identification of candidate genes affecting D9-tetrahydrocannabinol biosynthesis in Cannabis sativa


Great link.

Thanks for sharing!


The micronutrient stuff is fascinating and explains some of the benefits of using compost teas and other methods to enrich your soil. There’s so much about soil biology that we don’t yet know!