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Plants Defending Themselves from Slimy Snails

An interesting read, to be sure. Essentially, snail mucus triggered a defensive response in tomatoes which produced lipoxygenase.

Now the interesting question is… would this work for cannabis? Might be able to intentionally stress your cannabis plants with some good ol’ snail mucus and see how it affects the plant.


This is very interesting! I have heard of some tricky and rather scary ways people have stressed their plants intentionally.
Ice bath the last watering and let them dry out the last two days with total darkness (normal).

Also, (Scary) have heard of one case where the garden would be in the last two weeks of flower and infest a plant with spider mites off site and cover it with a small mesh screen where they cannot get out. He would then throw the plant in with the rest. The infected plant would put off a hormone that would alert the other plants to prepare for infestation. The uninfected plants would push more resin out as a defense. I have not heard of a second person doing this, however I see the snail slime maybe doing the same thing. Not sure if it will work but is always worth a try. And there would be no worry of growing snails from the slime and having an issue from that.


Yeah, that spider mite method seems really scary. I’d rather use snail mucous if it did the same thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

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My niece bought face cream with Hyaluronic Acid derived from Snails so I wonder if that’s the compound that they sense? Very interesting!