Please help too hot soil?

Can anyone please tell me what’s looking so wrong with my girls?? I think it may be nute burn, using fox farm frog soil and 2 weeks into flower I added a little humic and mpk and that’s it. Fed that 2 times in a row. This happened so I stopped and went back to pure R.O. Lights couldn’t have done this, surely…

To you all growmies!


Dank bud for only 2 weeks of flower. Have you done a pH test, those leaves look like a magnesium deficiency, possibly, or nute burn and even heat stress. A good start is a pH test and then work from there.

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Yep ph is perfect at 6.2. I tried adding cal-mag but they just kept getting worse. I only had 3 mars hydro tsw-1000’s at about 24”, which last run with same strain I did everything the same during this run. I even took one of the lights out of the equation and the leaves continued to look worse and worse. Just doesn’t make any sense… :thinking::pleading_face::cry:

The light green color suggests that they may need a complete nutrient feed. The nutrients in potting soil usually only last a couple months.

Try checking your ppm on your runoff .

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I’ve tried cal-mag, every other nutrient I could think of but they just burned up too quickly. Attached are the bids which look great, all things considering! Runoff ppm went up to 3200 ppm!!! I have no clue, all I can think of is my temp was in the high 80’s for over a week before I realized. image|230x500

nute lockout. I use chemical nutrients in coco coir but only less than half of recommendation on the bottle. People are to hung up on nutrients light grows bud not nutrients. I’ve been in the same situation mid way through flo. Its an uphill battle as the plants have little time to recover before finishing. Dont add anything except water. Check ph of runoff. The more you try to fix it by adding or adjusting is just going to make it worse.