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Pollen Bank?

I was just thinking about setting up a areas to bloom some male plants and cross some flowers and it occurred to me that it would be so much easier if I had some pollen and could just apply it directly to the plants?

Is anyone selling pollen? Is it illegal? I mean it can’t have much THC if any in it. If no should I do it?


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I know a few breeders who have recently added a pollin bank. That makes 3 now that im aware of. It is a great idea, but costly
Much cheaper to use regular seeds with reputable genetics. Ive been saving up my pollins, and this has allowed us to be able to collaborate with other breeders and i have a collection of my past crosses, ready to go at the drop of the thought.

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Thanks for the feedback… why costly? Can’t you just freeze it and thaw it out when you want to use it?

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Technically, the Cannabis plant, all its parts and all its products remain on Schedule One, so selling and shipping pollen remains illegal.
Practically, I have seen pollen sold before but be sure you are comfortable with the Seller because you can’t tell anything about the genetics by just eyeballing a baggie of yellow dust.
Frankly, I just ask fellow growers for a branch with blooming male flowers, store it in a bread bag and then dust my girls when they are fertile. I have heard that pollen can be frozen to use in future years but have no personal information on the subject.
Good luck!


As stated above, those are some great reasons. And ontop of that, if you use or in contact with reputable breeders, they would drffinitly not give out their bread n butter cheaply. Lets take “in house genetics” for 1 (just pulled randomly from my database). The guys are not going to be giving out any of the Platnium collection Male pollin for cheap, if at all. When someone has a gem like that, which im sure the boys went through thousands of plants to come up with just the right traits that they are looking for, it goes to the vault. If you find the right breeder, they may give u females, and generic males pollin, and after a friendship develops, u can ask whats in the vault, just dont be expecting anyone to bring out their years of work and throw a price tag on it. Lol. If ya know what i mean. Ive heard of genetics going for upwards of $10 000 + depending on what generation (i.e. f1,-f5), and its history. Im in the process of working with another lab/garden down south, we seem to have what the other wants do we came to a deal where as they supply the pollin and i supply the female. So as of right now, Im going through thousands of clones looking for the ideal prospect(s) for said project. Its not a 5 min job. Just to give u an example. I hope that helped u a bit. Lmk if u have any other questions. I can always point u in the direction of a legit pollin bank. With top tier quality. And fair prices if thats what your after. 🖒

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