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Postal services

Hi. I have a friend who was going on vacation and didnt want to bring their concentrates on the plane so he mailed them to himself from california to alaska and recieved a letter from the postal inspection service that the package was siezed in LA for suspicion of marijuana. It was 15 grams of personnal oil. Does anyone have any expierience with this or information on what will happen next. The sebder and recipient both recieved a notice from the postal inspection service saying the package is being withheld but nothing else.

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Your friend needs to understand two things:

  1. Crossing state lines with cannabis is illegal. Federal law dictates the rules of cross-state commerce and transfers, which means cannabis cannot legally cross state lines.
  2. The USPS is a federally operated service, and they do check packages/letters for any banned substances, including cannabis.

The cannabis seized by the USPS is just gone. He’s not getting it back. He may also face legal repercussions, so tell him to speak to a lawyer.


CBD oil? THC oil? If it’s a substance that you are not allowed to legally ship and customs finds it, in most events customs holds it and sends a letter if you want to dispute it; otherwise they likely will keep it and destroy after X period of time.

Likely no one is going to come knocking on your door, but please advise your friend to use discretion when considering sending things like that through the mail. It’s fuel for the the fire when we are trying to legalize and not give the authorities more ammunition to say “this is a problem when people can’t follow the clearly stated laws.”


Don’t do that. Like ever.