Pricing on small grow

What would a small indoor set up cost ? And what would I end up paying per plant in the end ? Ballpark is cool just curious to cost along the way . Spacing too if that matters .

what did you want out of the grow ?

not always a size answer ; like a 3x3 tent vs 4x4 tent , not enough info to know what to say.

Atleast 5lbs each time . I’ll test the waters something small at first to be sure I can do it . Scrolling thru you guys make it seems easy .

Hi @carella

Its a difficult question and like @rootfarmer says, you want to know what you want to get out.

5lb. You looking at quite a number of indoor plants or several larger plants. A small basic tent setup like this one on growershouse of 4 x 4 that will allow between four and six plants to grow over a season of anything from 2-4 months, from seed to flower. You realistically going to pull between 100 - 150grams per plant depending on your strain.