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Proforma for a factory

Hi, we are preparing a new factory in Kinshasa RDC.
For this, i’d like to have some proforma so i know everything we need for it.
My problem : commercials don’t answer or don’t give me detailed offers…
Any tip is welcome !

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6000 m² (average), 6 meters hight

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The first thing I would do is get an architect who you can work with to design the building to suit your growing style and needs. With them, you can finalize your work flow, overall layout, and the sizes of your individual rooms. Ideally they will have an HVAC engineer to work with you on your project, but they may need to be contracted separately.

From there, I would begin approaching manufacturers and suppliers. If you have all of the specifications that the manufacturers need, they can supply you with the right products, information, and layout.

How many plants per room? This will affect your overall layout in terms of plant placement, but also will inform your irrigation system, walkways, work areas, and - very importantly - the overall amount of humidity that the plants will transpire into the room. All of these things will be very tough to change in the future, so put a lot of thought into your layout.

Next, approach lighting manufacturers with your floor plan, plant layout, and the light level you need for your given stage of plant growth. They will use their lighting layout calculators to create a plan for your individual spaces. The good ones will even supply the amount of cooling required to offset the lights.

After that I would get in contact with an HVAC engineer. You now know how much humidity and heat will be in each room (due to your plant count and lighting plans from earlier).

There are companies that will offer you a one-stop service where they will put together a system that works for you and your space. These are great if you have a lot of money to spend, but very little time or attention to give the project. If you are involved in all design stages of the process you can ensure the final design and operation will be ideal for your needs.

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