Pros and Cons of online grow shops

Hi Everyone, we’re a new member and I run We’re a relatively new business and going through the trials and tribulations of running a new company.

I would love for everyone to share what their biggest pet peeves are when buying grow supplies online and are there any companies out there that are the doing a great job and why.

Thanks for the feedback!


Shipping speed is a issue ,I have a lady in Victoria b.c. can. That does c.o.d it helps me greatly as I can pre order for when I’ll have $. I’m sure she only does it for repeat coustomers tho


Accuracy of descriptions of product. Pictures pictures pictures. A lot of times when purchasing something online, I need to know all the details to verify the product will work/function/fit in its intended space. This will also reduce returns on your end as a supplier.
Hope this helps.


@covertgrower great feedback


Showing low prices then making shipping really high


Well said @covertgrower. I think you forgot to mention as much technical information as possible. e.g feeding charts, videos and even technical information about the product. Cant stand seeing something, then you purchase, then you have to sift through google searches.


One more thing, customer service, I know this one should be Something you should be getting, but not all are equal.
No the customer isn’t alway right, but stuff happens and things get broken in shipment. I’ve worked in customer service, and sometimes people just have to vent. Not sayIng you should become shrinks, but customer service is a bit of that.
Having a person to speak to that has product knowledge of what I ordered really helps me as a consumer, and helps you as a seller, so something doesn’t get overlooked with customers doing fraudulent returns, and they understand what I’m trying say why I’m returning it.


Have been in customer service for many years. My last corporate job I was employed for was an interesting one. I was tier three. Those clients no one could deal with. I felt a bit sociopathic sometimes. Guys would be ranting and raving and I had the power to terminate accounts. I remember one guy venting, going off. I calmed him down after about three or four verbal warnings and said we no longer want your business Sir. I remember his voice, it was breaking, but the decision was made. You are fired.

But yes, customer service is the most important aspect of your business. If you dont give your employees the right training and support and even motivate your staff ( assets ) to provide excellent service you will wonder why you not having sales. train your staff, improve their conditions, invest in them and you will see your business flourish. But the customer is not always right, I know that for fact.


great points!!! appreciate it!!!


Honesty is the most important thing for me. If you try to get me to upgrade for something more than what I need, I will shop elsewhere!

I.E : If I’m shopping for a computer that will be used to browse the web only, don’t try to sell me a gaming machine because you’re making more money with the higher end computer.
Or more appropriate, if I am looking for a light for my seedlings, don’t try to sell me a 1000 watt HLG led!
Cater to my needs and keep me informed and I will be a customer for life!