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Public perception of working in the cannabis industry

What’s been your experience when telling people what you do for a living? Is it generally positive or do you get any negative reactions? For the most part when I told people that I was going to work for an online community dedicated to cannabis professionals the reaction was positive, but a few people did ask me if I was worried about having such a position on my resume. What’s sort of reactions have you run into?


It’s been interesting for me personally. I grew up in Orange County, the most conservative part of California. I know, at least when I was younger, my parents strongly disapproved of cannabis.

But now as my family’s starting to age, their views have shifted. My grandma has Parkinson’s disease, and my aunt (a staunch Mormon) has actually been ok with me floating the idea of cannabis. Nothing has come of it yet, but they’re starting to come around on the medicinal side of things. Recreational… well, haven’t brought it up.

At least for now, it seems like attitudes are shifting.


I feel like if I explain it correctly and legally they tend to take better, I mean I do make jokes and try and be charismatic but optimistic, but my father told me he was proud and he’s the only one I really care about, what he thinks.


Yeah the jokes always happen and you just have to roll with it when you mention that you work in the cannabis industry. That’s great that your father understands what you’re doing and how it helps your clients with their medical issues.