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QA - First Grow

Cannabis is a cool plant man. It’s real fascinating watching how it reacts to different things you throw at it bad and good. ( Not so much bad) but I just started LST and a few hours later the plant already started to adjust to it’s environment.


Another update. About to switch ladies to pre flower 12:12 schedule and adjust lights. They had some ups and downs but I think I’m starting to figure out what they like. Temps humidity and watering has been the most challenging. Now it’s time for the hard part I’m guessing. This was right after a flush with enzymes, I might have been under watering them because some hours after I did that they were praying.


Nice see now your learning to grow and not be a chart grower. Nice work :clap:


Yea I actually never used that chart I made at first only really as reference sometimes. It’s really all about paying attention and taking care of problems as soon as you notice them. I’m really liking this more than I thought lol.


That’s great. A chronic habit lol. If you look and listen the plant tells you what it needs