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Quebec can grow the 4 plants now

Supreme Court made decision that it was unconstitutional not to allow Quebec residents to grow for themselves;)


Warm welcome to all of our new members from Quebec :sunglasses: :raised_hands: :evergreen_tree:


It’s not over yet, our provincial government is thinking about going to appeal (sorry for my french, I think it’s the right wording). So while it’s not technically illegal, it’s still a matter of how our municipality feels about it…They might not arrest you, but it’s still a grey area. Personnally, I can’t wait for my outside girls to be harvested. Feeling nervous this time of year…:innocent::innocent::innocent:


It’s silly this is Canada federal law trumps provincial…


Well, it’s not the first time either… Did you know that Quebecers are not allowed participating in any contest/raffle/price giving whatever, from outside Quebec. It’s because Loto-Quebec wants to keep its monopoly. Looks like they want to do the same thing with the SQDC (quebec dispensaries).


That’s all kinds of messed up lol


Yesterday Québec politicians did it again.
They raised the legal age to use cannabis to 21 years old. 18 for the rest of the country.
They banned the use of cannabis in any public place.
They outlawed the sales of cannabis vaporizer.
And the new policies for edibles are even dumber…

All of that to protect us from the dreaded Reefer Madness!!!

Such a wonderful and beautiful place to live in, but such archaïc views…


Boooo thats stupid:(


So here in California it’s legal. Yet in my city of Los Angeles. 85% of townships say no to dispensaries. Legal doesn’t always mean “welcome home” just kinda means “you won’t go to prison for too long” :sunglasses:

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That just doesn’t make sense to me…
I think that every citizens of any given country should have the same rights as every other citizens of that country , whether you are a man, a woman, non-binary or whatever your sexual orientation or race. And even more if said country is supposed to be democratic.
I can’t understand why they do things like that. It defeats the whole purpose of legalizing in the first place!


Money. License’s aren’t even for sale. Those were bought up by millionaires many years before legality was ever a thing.