Question about heat?

I’ve been reading here that too much heat is bad
Juju for pot. Q-1. What’s too hot ?Q-2 why then
is sungrown weed supposed to be beter?
It’s very hot &humid where I’m at, even at night,
I have to run lights @note. My temps stay @ 85f
w/lights on , but lights out temp barely drops into the 70’s . My only plan am is plenty of air
Circulation. Fans everywhere. Any & all thoughts appreciated.


thats perfect. stay under 90 and give a 15 degree temp drop at night.

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Have u thought about a portable a.c. unit?

The heat makes a huge difference. It will dictate if you have stretched out airy buds, or hard and dense buds. Indoor is better because I can control every aspect of the environment. My grows are really dialed in tho too. I do not even use any type of sprays or anything. I do not need it cuz I have zero pests or diseases, and since I wont take clones from people unless I clean then up in a secluded grow Thats just for that. I know Some of the guys on here will say they will match my indoor hydro any day with their outdoor, but the reality is that Is just not true. I have zero negative things effecting my ladies. None. Outside growing can have so many variables its unreal. Im not saying outside is bad, just saying if you know what your doing the inside is where you can really super charge your gardens. My outside hemp now is doing well, temps outside are 95 plus, and with high humidity here. My indoor stays a solid 77 when lights are on and 75 when they are off. If you can keep your grows under 80 degrees but above 75 you will see some awesome results.

Yes, have 1 a small window unit, but it would be
taking away some of my secret squirrel image I must maintain. I have taken a duct from my house & put in my room (don’t tell my wife)
.I’m going to try turning down my exhaust fan to keep the cooler air in room longer in the daytime which is lights out time for the girls.

I also run my indoor ON times at night. It makes a big difference. Specially some of the places Ive grown where the day time can hit 100 degrees, I needed the cooler night temps to help a little with the a/c. Plus, anything to help keep that electric bill a little lower. Hahaha

I dislike swapping day & night because I don’t get to spend much time. W/ my girls. I have found that just working w/ the ladies lowers my blood pressure! Going to try to some kind of camo. for the window unit next grow.

You know they have mini personal a.c. cubes not that expensive and it’s tiny so you could put it in grow space without losing much valuable room

I understand that…I agree with you, I too have more than just one reason why I love my grows. I enjoy them a lot and it relaxes me…well until you see mites or something hahahaha I am an insomniac tho so the night on schedule works awesome in my situation.