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Question about temps

I’m finally able to bring some outdoors air into my grow (through a hepa filter). Is 72 degrees F too cool during lights on? Edit: I’m in week 4 of flower. Growing 2 plants in a 2.5 x 5 tent in soil with a sf-4000.


@deristotle. Could be a bit higher.
Closer to 75-77 deg for lights on.
But your plants should still grow fine. :+1::v:
And welcome to GN. :wave::wave:

I run my canopy temp around 78 deg lights on with a cooler nite cycle of 65-68 deg.
I’m in 4 th week flower too. :wink::+1:


Interesting question, never gave it thought…what I can offer is that I live in the desert and weird things happen here, weather-wise. In point of fact, every single day the desert has wild temp swings from low-40s at night to 100 in the day and then down to 40 again that night. So my point is I did a few seasons of outdoor flowers here and they got hit with those extremes the whole way thru bloom and as long as I didn’t get a really freak cold snap (thanks climate change) I was able to squeeze out two out-door crops per year, one in the spring and one in the fall. FWIW, the “spring” and “fall” here are longer than most places which is what let me pull this off. Too much work in the end but fun while it lasted. Anyhow, I would say based on my experience with this that if my plants are fine hitting “light” at about 50, yours should be fine at 72…

EDIT: …er depending on strain.