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Question on outdoor

How can I force an outdoor plant into flowering with almost 14 to 16 hours of sunlight per day

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Using an artificial shadow with an opaque object, in the first or last hours of sunlight. Example: plastic opaque on top of some bamboo canes , making easy to cover the plants and also being ventilated,if the nights are cold, lower than 18ºC i recomend keep the plastic on the plants nights. I remember having seen a photo in this forum, just with the idea, I keep looking.

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The black cloth that you see behind is the one used to make it bloom.


For 100 plants?

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If you are in 14-16 hours of sunlight and you want to make it bloom ,yes.

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if you only can choose some part of the plants, choose the more sativas first, indicas are fast bud and normally starts before in outdoors.