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Questions Growing Outdoor in Missouri

First off thank you to all that post, I have been reading constantly. The wealth of knowledge is amazing.

I would like to open a discussion on growing feminized hemp for CBD outdoor in missouri. What would be the best way to grow larger scale 10-40 acres? We have been discussing with commercial farmers locally and cannabis cultivators with outdoor soil experience in other markets. I wanted to see what the GN would think?

The issues we have been discussing is missouri temps and humidity and what will they do to hemp flowers?

What soil prep would be needed? We are going to be doing soil samples shortly.

Do we need to do irrigation? I have read of some farms growing without?

It does look like i am seeing hemp and some cannabis outdoor growers are planting with a water wheel. Is that the best? I assume they are starting from seed indoor or greenhouse then transplanting?

What would be the best spacing for outdoor?

This is all based on growing Hemp for CBD extraction.

Thank you.


Well certainly you are fortunate that in Missouri hemp was grown in the WWII era. I would start by researching any relevant data you may be able to obtain from the USDA and old Missouri Farm Advisor publications. The information you garner can always be updated with current technology but don’t blow off those old publications! No point in learning hard lessons all over again!! I suspect there is probably info there on the best growing areas and maybe even some info on what differentiated a ‘good’ area from a ‘poor’ one. I have no idea how many hemp varieties there are but if you can find info on successful varieties grown previously, it seems you would at least have a staring point. On this site you may be interested in searching @Farmer_Dan
as he shared a lot of info on his outdoor grow experience…good luck!!


Thank you. I have been researching, the area was one of the biggest producers o hemp so I am hoping that is still true.