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Race for CBD medication breakthrough - Epidiolex

Any thoughts on the matter @4CornersCannabis?

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Sure. Cannabis is the last industry that hasn’t been taken over by the corporations. We have less than 10 years left until everyone is consuming GMO cannabis :confused:


This is a pretty incredible article. The next 10 years are going to be entertaining. I’m keeping my prayers up for both the THC & CBD industries.


This kind of reminds me of Amarin,, look at the Vasepa product. Amarin made a FDA approved drug for very high triglycerides by essentially refining fish oil. They simply separated out one of the omega 3 fatty acids (icosapent ethyl) and tested it out…
I think Epidiolex at least has a fighting chance to get approved. I also think that it is more than just CBD doing the work for patients, the “Entourage” effect of all the components found in cannabis are the real work horse. In my opinion, finding the best blend of all these components is the key. Good Luck with that Pharma!


I agree @bernie.lorenz. The cannabis plant is too complicated and intricate for pharma to mimic the entourage effect. This is yet another amazing feature the plant has to offer, it will be difficult to copy its complete capabilities synthetically.
I’m hopeful that cannabis breeders around the world are collecting and cataloging the genetics to help keep the availability of GMO free cannabis. That’s the way most products are headed, people drive the market and cannnabis consumers will demand the same if not higher standards.
I’m a strong believer that pharma will be contracting premium cannabis breeders to personalize the cannabis plant for individual disease process within 10 years. What do you think @4CornersCannabis?


I think I will be perfecting my tissue culture techniques in 2018 so I have the ability to build up a genetic library for breeding. Hopefully breeders don’t sell out to the corporations as cannabis is the last thing that the people have that isn’t controlled by the elite.