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Real-time data, collected wirelessly, with reports and alarms

Hi Growers,
Meet the Braingrid platform.

Braingrid makes it simple and affordable to collect and leverage the data in your grow. This includes:

  • Temp, Rh, CO2
  • EC/VWC, Temp in your media (soil, rockwool, coco)
  • pH, DO, EC in your liquid
  • Energy consumption of each panel, room, equipment

All data collected via a wireless network without the need for wiring or network/wifi.

You decide how many zones to monitor and what data you need to help you do your job.

Your custom dashboard includes alarms, reports and data analytics.

Customers like Beleave, WeedMD, UP, Viridium, Leaf California and others can’t live without it.

This isn’t your father’s image
Braingrid runs 24/7 without interruption so that you can focus on actual growing.,

Ask us about a no-risk trial for growersnetwork members.

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