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Recipe Help

Aye Folks… when high as shit yesterday i became aware of being able to make your own recipe with single ingrdient organic fertalizers which is dope but unfortunally i dont know much about it man so if i used these ingredients as a top dress would i end up with a NPK of 6-23-21?? or how does that work??

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DM me your address I will send you my tea catalogue…

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if i used a soil admentdment instead of tea’s would that be alright??

If that is for flower, yes. I think the NPK values would be variable overtime. Not to clued up on it.

also with organic theres no reason to water to runoff right??

nope… I water/tea from seedling to harvest with the same teas at the same strength…BUT I do start composting my N2 locking cover crop at about 1-2 weeks before flower as N2 is not needed…and the carbon is more beneficial…lol…

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alright man, since its slow release im guessin id only have mabye use it 2x a month??

I feed the tea then water until wet in AM…teas are in the evening…

I’m an soil person. Would you define “Tea” for me? Is it just my watered in nutrients mix or what?

I use a liquid tea the first 2 days of my days feed cycle… it has 200x aloe flakes in it, AGI-SIL (Silica from ruce hulls), fulvic/humic acid… then 3 days later I mix up my solid tea… consisting of kelp meal, worm castings, untoasted malted barley, coconut flour (soon to be BRIX molasses) and a dash of DynoMyco… both these teas are aerated for 24-36 hours…


no I aerate and run living soil outdoor…aerating aids in beneficial biological mass growth…I have a 6 blend cover crop plants that are nitrogen lockers… just before my plants start to flower I cover the cover crop with straw since I don’t need nitrogen anymore and start composting with bokashi to start making carbon for the plants…


does this mean that you are hydro ? or should I been aerating my mix even for soil use?

Thanks for taking the time to explain. I don’t hear of many dirt growers aerating their blends. Guess most of what I see IS on the hydro side.

We tea and living soil guys always aerate… I can take skanky rain water and aerate it back to life and get the beneficial microbes back in it for the soil food web…once in a while I will make a good mushroom tea to give my microbes a fungal kick…


Not really… I amend my soil at the beginning of the season then use teas the rest of the season…