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Report: Medical marijuana could poach more than $4B from pharma sales annually


Explains why the pharma industry is throwing tons of money into anti-legalization efforts:


This makes a lot of sense to me.
We have medical science studies proving that:

A. opiates not only are ineffective at treating chronic pain, but they make patients more sensitive to pain
B. cannabinoids are not only effective at treating chronic pain, but they show no diminished capacity to treat pain in patients over long periods of time.

You take these two scientific realities, combine it with the fact that the mainstream medical industry is very well trained but not that good at critical independent thought and is slow to change, and combine that with a 100 million patient market in the United State for chronic pain, and you can see the potential rather quickly.


Yeah the tolerance buildup to opiates is the worst part. I was just watching the Netflix series The Crown, and (minor spoiler alert) it was sad to see the prime minister get hooked on pain medication that was initially used to stave off pain from gallstones. After he had surgery he continued his addiction which led to his judgement being impaired:


Yeah. Part of the reason pharmaceutical companies don’t want cannabis around is addiction too. Opiates are very addictive, and cannabis has no demonstrable physical addiction. You lose customers if they don’t need your product any more.