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Researchers identify genes that give cannabis its flavour

Link to the publication here:

Looks like they’ve identified 30 different terpene genes. It will be interesting to compare different strains for their genetic makeup related to the terpene expression as well as explore epigenetic factors that affect expression levels.


Cool. There is a group in the northeast, 22nd Century Group, who has been identifying genes that control precursor synthesis of certain cannabis phyto-compounds, including THC, CBD, and terpene compounds. This type of technology can shorten breeding efforts by 500%. Please dont confuse marker-assisted breeding technology with genetic modification. Its not. Its merely a tool to identify and recognize sets of genes that are responsible for certain pathways. During breeding efforts, if the breeder can identify if the target genes are in fact present in the F1 generation, then it can decrease their cycle time. How cool is that?


Yeah that’s what I was thinking. If you’re breeding then you can test and select the offspring that have the genes you are trying to breed for.


yeah, science is so cool

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This is great research! Hopefully they can identify ways to induce duplications of these genes or other fun things.