RKAGCANNA on Amazon ! Help needed!

Products just got on amazon through a company I partner with Peach Country Tractor . I’m excited!! But I need reviews. So anyone who purchases or knows someone who purchase the RKAG #flourish Microbial magic , miners gold Or khelated kelp . If they leave a review then we will send you the #NOURISH wsp version
Microbial Magic #Flourish = sweet synergy wsp powder #nourish
Khelated kelp #flourish = Posidean #nourish
Miners gold #flourish = Carbon B N 6-3-4 #nourish

Any questions just ask and if your not happy with the product then I’ll refund money for GN only !!
! It’s been two years of tons of R&D and I appreciate any support from the GN community

Hi - I am an avid amazon user and I am genuinely interested in the Microbial Magic product.

I wanted to click buy this morning, but couldn’t and I want to let you know why. I am on your side here, I’m not nit picking or looking for free product. I just want to give you an Amazon-user perspective. (Public Profile

Personally, I’m a soil grower looking for a product like yours so I can replace biology depleted by monochloramine in my tap water. I do use RO water but I wont be able to produce enough to hydrate my crops indoors and outdoors this year.

Enough about me, let’s take a look at your product page. Lots of good stuff going on with the page - I especially like the time you took with the description!

  • It says organic in the title but the pic of the front product label is too blurry to read and there is no pic of the back label. Get an image of the font & back that can be enlarged to read.

  • I know the OMRI stamp is kind of bullshit, but a lot of home growers look for it, might be worth looking at. The OMRI designation for me is just kind of a door opener… I don’t take it at face value, but feel good that the product is trying to present itself as organic (i.e. ‘organic’ matters).

  • Please mention product size is a quart in the description. How many gallons of usable treatment does one quart of product produce?

  • What is the shelf life of the product after opening the bottle? Are there special storage requirements?

Again, not nit-picking and just wanted to point out some things I found that kept me from clicking buy. I’m super excited for you and the Amazon launch! Please let me know about dosing, shelf life and whether my flower smoke would come up clean in testing after using Microbial Magic. If we’re aligned, I’m excited to try and review the product - I am looking for a product like this.


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Thank you for the feedback. I didn’t set the amazon listing up personally. I am new to it as I never use it. I will check with my partner and see what’s going on. I know we ship so many into amazon then restock em . I also know we been selling them . I’ll be happy to get you some