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Rooster in teh Hen House Issues

Had an issue with my grow crew missing a small male in the middle of a grow table until it was too late! Pollenated 400 beautiful females due to the high level of circulation we have in the room so pretty much everything is going to have seeds.

Room had 200 White Widow, 100 Do-Si-Do and 100 Bruce Banner all feminized except 1 Do-Si Do male! Any ideas on sales avenues as my grow manager insisted on taking them to full term so they are curing right now and look beautiful still but there are seeds pretty much everywhere.

Hate to just sell for nothing to processor as this batch has nice purple buds on Bruce Banner and some blueish ones on Do-Si-Do so expect it to test really well despite the seeds. Any ideas would be great as I really don’t want to process or pre-roll roughly 30lbs although we do have pre-roll equipment that can do it if last resort.

Any experiences or ideas would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks Much!