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Rooting gel

I am looking for a recipe for a rooting gel. We have tried several different gels on the market but I would like to make my own and cut costs. Has anyone else tried to make their own gel?

I know I have come across recipes in the past (of course when I didn’t need them), they were simple and I remember corn startch was used as an ingredient. I want it to be as simple as possible, and one that will keep for more than a week --if that’s possible.

Thanks for your help!!


Try Aloe. Super easy to use and grow. Just cut them and stick the end of your cutting right into the gel. Good source of salicylic acid too!


Willow Tea! It’s not a gel. But it works pretty well…


Have you tried Dyna-Gro’s Root-Gel? It has two plant hormones IBA and NAA that do an outstanding job, and the 2 oz jar is not that expensive. I have heard good things about willow water and also cinnamon. Nevertheless, you are growing a very high value crop, and saving on the front end may cost you a week of production at the end.


I have tried a number of different gels/powders/liquids on the market. I was looking for something more along the lines of an agar based rooting gel. Thank you all for your responses, I do appreciate it.