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See Optimizing Cost Centers in Cannabis Cultivation

Hi all! Jocko from Lodestone Data Technologies here, Happy Monday!

We are a METRC “Validated” integrator in several states and looking to expand. We leverage RFID technology to improve audits, tracking and reporting. Our team includes Master Grower, Scott Sirles. We invite you to our series of articles, Optimizing Cost Centers in Cannabis Cultivation. Please enjoy Scot’s latest article on Grow Media Water Management 1 .

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How did you find your way into the cannabis space? What’s the price tag on some of your RFID units?

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Hey Nick, Lodestone Data was founded by two roommates in Denver, one is a master grower, the other worked in RFID in the library world. When CO choose METRC, it all made sense to use the state issued RFID tags to track plant movement, and Lodestone was born! Every grow is different, we have fixed mount solutions (to fully automate compliance) and less expensive handhelds (walk a room and count the plants). We also have our own tags for states like AZ that have not embraced METRC. We like to meet the growers, learn about their needs and design an affordable solution for their own grow.


I love hearing the stories of startups. It sounds like two guys pulled themselves up by their bootstraps to create a thriving business! Congratulations on your success!

Do your tags/OS work with other tracking/POS apps like MJFreeeway?

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You have us pegged! We are approved in CO and NV with METRC and looking to grow! Our platform DOES integrate with MJ and others. Our focus is on the grow, most platforms are more retail oriented. Lodestone will help you with audits, tracking, reporting, forecasting and more!
What is your story Nick?


That’s great! It’s so cool to see new platforms able to integrate data from MJFreeway, METRC and BioTrack! Also stoked to see you are focusing on the needs of growers and less on the needs of POS/retail.

Haha, my story, you ask? I am what you might call an industry “veteran”. I have served in many functions in the cannabis industry for nearly two decades: everything from activist, hydro store employee, patient, agronomist, caregiver, dispensary agent, consultant, owner, licensed grower, extractor, grow instructor (I despise the term “master grower” so I am trying to refrain from such nomenclature) to Community Manager of the world’s first online community for licensed cannabis professionals. It’s been a whirlwind ride, but every day is a new adventure!

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Scot hates it when I use the “master” term too- not sure what us mortals should call you guys.
Take a gander at one of Scot’s posts-

Keep spreading the word Nick!

Thanks for your support.


We are farmers. Plain and simple (and mortal). “Master” implies perfection and I will spend my whole life focusing my botanical studies toward this singular plant system and will barely begin to scrape the tip top of the iceberg of body of knowledge that exists for cannabis. That prospect excites me and drives me to constantly learn more and seek more knowledge; and ultimately share what I have learned in that journey. This is how we all become better growers.

Thanks so much, consider the word just beginning to spread :wink:

We are all here to support you, this is one facet of GNET that makes this forum unique. Thanks for sharing!


I agree in cannabis cultivation the title Master is kind of flimsy. In other trades MASTER means you have passed a masters level examination and therefore are a “qualified” employee who has the right to seek and obtain permits engineer the work and contract performers or preform it ones own self. Sure requirements for “masters” varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction but are usually laid along the some lines because the requirements are mostly standardized on a governmental level. you know the state federal and local “codes” or guidelines. however in agriculture there are no such guidelines created on a jurisdictional or industry wide basis.

this make someone like a Master electrician qualified to do electrical work however a Master grower can be anyone who can operate a shovel and which makes terms like Master grower largely useless. simply because there is no prototypical assessment for what sorts of skills are required to become a master.

Kind of like Black belts in Marshal arts. in some schools it means something more than you just paid and showed up. simply stated without a bonified occupational qualification (BFOQ) the appellation “master” leaves many more questions to be answered then it answers.

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Yesss! I love your assessment and agree with you! The comparison between the black belt Martial artist and the “Master Grower” titles is simply brilliant! I may be using this comparison in future arguments about the topic, if you don’t mind.

Open source my brother

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Much appreciated!