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See this yet? Nevada bans pre employment cannabis screens


I have always harbored a deep personal resentment for jobs that require you to submit a bodily fluid in order to be considered for hire. I have never taken a job that made me pee in a cup. Now people looking for work don’t have to make that decision. Cheers, Nevada!

Have you every had drug test woes? What happened? What are your attitudes toward pre-employment drug screening? What might the move made by Nevada mean for the greater cannabis industry? Might we see similar action made in other states? Let’s chat about (not) peeing in the cup!


I missed out on summer job after my first year of college because I dropped dirty. I’d worked there the previous summer and my dad worked at the company which made it really fun to explain why I didn’t get the position again.

Another time I was trying to get a summer warehouse job and the interview went well. I was anticipating a pee test but when the interview was over they gave me a card to take to their medical building for a HAIR TEST! I had to endure a tour of the warehouse fully knowing I was not going to get the job.

How do I feel about pee tests? Take a guess. Keep your hands off my fluids!!!