Seeds of Foxtailed Auto Critical Kush

Hi guys. Ive started growing for less than a year.
I got an Auto Critical Kush, but it foxtailed in the end. Ive harvested and smoked it, It was amazing, and gave me some seeds.
Now, i am trying to grow the seeds of this foxtailed plant, but it just doesnt live for more than 2 weeks.
Can someone help, please?
Is it impossible to grow seeds from a foxtailed plant?

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If u got seeds from it it sounds like it hermied on you and if so the seeds from it are probably not good genetics

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Yea Buddy the seeds are just not mature. If she’s not pollinated by week 5-6 chance are the seeds will not mature. That’s why herming at the end of flower rarely produces viable genetics.

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I have hundreds of “hermed” seeds and have grown them to the point of not herming. (It was my bad growing habits)…

I’ve given them out and gotten good results as well.

This is a controversial subject. Seeds are seeds imo. Whether or not you get good results from your seeds does fall under the genetics portion.

I have grown so many from seed with 2 males in my entire practice. Early on I hermed a bunch. I got better and now I have no extra beans. Lol.

Your foxtailing is from to much intense light.

The plants herm from them thinking they need to survive.
If your room gets to hot, lack of water for long periods, light stresses and nutes being to strong can mess your plants up.

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