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Seeking 5 Growers to Pilot Cutting-Edge AI Software

Hello Growers! We’re looking for 5 operators to pilot our patented AI cultivation platform. We’ve built a cannabis and hemp compliance software solution on top of Microsoft Dynamics and Business Central, which gives you the ability to meet all of your state’s compliance requirements while tapping into the powerful business tools that Business Central provides. Reply back if you’re interested in connecting and discussing. Thanks!
Chip Cassady
[email protected]


I’m guessing this only works with Microsoft. :frowning:

What language is this based on C, C++, Java, Rust, etc I suppose no Python or Ruby on rails

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Sounds interesting. I have two tier two grows in Oregon

Hi Piper, from a programming perspective, our solution stack is language agnostic. We use industry standards across the board to insure interop.

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Cool. Would love to connect and learn more about your business and see if there’s a fit. Let me know if you have some time to talk. Looking forward to it. - Chip

I’ve never heard of “industry standards”.

Coming from a Unix (bsd) (before microsoft existed) and linux environment, I am guessing the “industry standards” is closed source like microsoft :frowning:

Thanks for the reply.

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