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Seeking Legal Buyers! (Distributors, Dispensaries, Bulk Buyers)

Hello, I am looking for LEGAL and compliant buyers

I have UNLIMITED amount of cbd, cbg, cbn, CBC

We have (THC) Sauce, Shatter, Wet Badder, Diamonds, HTE, Hash, Rosin,
Vapes, & Joints, in BULK and packaged as well. Competitive Pricing
We are located in So.Cal
We are consistent and high capacity manufacturers and extractors with high quality product
We are compliant, and legal, we Only work with legal and compliant buyers, distributors, and dispensaries
Contact me for further details

Still haven’t told us which company you represent yet you want buyers :wink:


I usually don’t drop names of buyers, brands or companies i represent. it’s a breach of contract

I can say they are LA based, Reputable established brands, with several high traffic locations.
They buy in high quantities. All legal .