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Selective Serotonin Inhibitors could control effects of THC

Promising study for future cannabis patients.

Basically, scientists knocked out (disrupted) some genes for signalling receptors in mice. The result was that the mice retained their memory after consuming THC. While this is a preliminary test, it is possible we could get specially targeted treatments that use THC with signal inhibitors.


That is some fascinating research. Makes me wonder about the interaction of THC and other receptors that are affected by SSRIs like Prozac.

Reminds me of the famous quote from Timothy Leary about LSD:

“There are three side effects of acid: enhanced long-term memory, decreased short-term memory, and I forget the third.”


The research into other cannabinoids such as THCV offer some very exciting developments in this area.

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Wow, I didn’t realize they had isolated 111 different cannabinoids so far.


And we are only still in the early days - so many of the different landrace strains have different ones that we may not see often anymore.