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Setting up a grow op

I have some questions and I would really like to get some opinions on if my idea is good or not.

So here it goes. I want to build my grow tent. but not just one I want to do 2 for flower and 1 for veg so that I can have a harvest once a month is that possible or would the system fail I am not a new grower but this would be my first indoor setup. So could it be done


Many people that do three tent rotations will make one tent for a mother plant that they can take clones from

If you do this and grow in a “sea of green” setup then you can greatly reduce your harvest times


If you want to harvest once per month, you will need plants that are ready to be harvested each and every month. That either means using clones from mother plants, as @tdubwilly suggested, or dropping beans once a month to keep the rotation going.

In the clone from mom case, you can keep mother plants in your veg tent, and just take clones from your moms every month to populate open spots in your flower tent.

In the from-seed case, you would drop a new seed each month. Let’s assume you are going to grow in 4x4 tents and want to run 4-6 plants in each flower tent… and that those plants would be staggered so you’d be harvesting one or two a month. In this case you would want to be mindful of strain selection and space management in the flower tents. @mattybear has a perpetual grow going on - he could be a big help.


I wanted to have a tent for veg and plant seeds every month and then have 2 tents 4x4 for flowering.

also, I was wondering since I would only have the plants in a veg tent for about 25days how big of a light do I need in case of a led light


I run four 60w printed circuit board LEDs in my veg tent… 240w total. I am actually trying to flower under those lights right now. You could probably go with a smaller tent for veg and just veg out two plants at a time for the two flower tents. You could even just do a single 2x2 tent for veg, grow a plant, move it to flower, grow another plant, move it to flower, etc.


I was thinking that I would have around 6 plants in veg then moving them into a 4x4 tent into flower stage that would mean that I have a harvest every month if I have 2 flower tents right? and it does not have to be exactly every month


aleszvetrina, you have to think about how long it will take your plants to get ripe. If you put a plant in each of your flowering tents at the same time. Most likely the will be ripe at the same time.
So what you would want to do is put a plant or plants in one tent then wait a month and then fill in the other tent. But then you will still have to wait another month till you can harvest the first tent.

I do a 2 week perpetual . With areoponics in the sea of green. And this is done all in one room.
To start I put 50 plants to 12/12. I wait 2 weeks and put another 50 to 12/12. That’s one side of the room.
Then 2 weeks later I put another 50 to 12/12. Then 2 weeks later another 50 to 12/12. That fills up the room.
Now the room is full with plants all in different stages of growth.
I still have to wait 2 more weeks for the first 50 are ripe. I harvest those first 50, clean everything and then put in another 50 to start the rotation over again.
And all through this I’m caring for the mothers ( which is not much ) and taking clones.
Its a lot of work, but its fun. Its way cool cause you get to see your plants at all the different stages of growth at the same time. And it helps you learn a lot.

Anyway good luck bro. later…


Thanks for all the responses.

I have one more question for my veg tent I want to use led lights so which should I choose. Would a combination of 4 42w Tled (grow) be enough for up to 8 plants for 4 weeks of growing or would that be insufficient? I could also go with Fluence Ray Series 22 or 44


How big will the veg tent be again? @mattybear chime in - this sounds a lot like how you run your perpetual grow.


The veg tent 2x2 or 3x3
and 1 big flower tent 8x4 with 2 fluence spider 2x

I will have 6 to 10 plants in veg for 1 month then put them in to flower tent wich will fill up half of the tent at the same time I will put 6 to 10 plants in to veg tent again and after one month fill the other half of flower tent and put another 6 to 10 plants in to veg.

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I responded in another post or PM… I’m pretty busy so I’ll check back in a little bit. I’m trimming today :grimacing::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_vomiting: