Shed growing

I’m going to start growing in my shed a couple of plants and I need some advice on a really good grow light. And also do I need to adjust the height on it. Thanks


How big is the shed? Is it insulated? Do you have the ventilation planned yet?


Yeah that sheds gonna get hot! Is it insulated? Insulation helps temps stay stable inside. But also keeps some heat out.


I hope that shed is insulated or it might end up smoking your plants instead of you. Sheds are crazy hot. BUT if you put another cover over the shed with 6 inches between to block the sun, the difference is amazing.


where are u growing and I can tell u from experience if u dont have AC in that shed its gonna get hot


My shed I use jus for storage of dirt seeds tools and other growing necessities and it easily gets over 90 degrees when it’s only 75 out

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Bridgelux Or Samsung Strip Lighting. They will run cooler and you can run floor to ceiling if you want (vertical and horizontal).

You will need to insulate though… A portable AC or window box AC will be needed too. I have designed several Tuff Shed build outs. Heat exchange/stealth venting is always the focalpoint