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Should cannabis growers go for cannabinoid extraction themselves?

Cannabis growers should sell cannabis to producers or should they produce refined cannabis themselves.
By selling to producers, we can hardly make a profit.
What can I do if I have no equipment and technology to produce cannabinoids?

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Hi Flat

I think they should definitely do everything themselves and you can refine it at home yourself for only a few bucks. You could go the bubble hash route, its fairly straightforward and does not require lots of expensive equipment. You just need bubble bags. Check online for bubble bag man. You can further process further using a heat and pressure making rosin.

Here is some rosin just made in rural eastern cape using Green Scout Cookies and just some simple components at home. Artisanal stuff.


School. If one REALLY wants to diy. Schooling. Scientists were isolating elements since like probably 2-300 years ago with their contrmporary tech.