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Should I use Nutrients? Gorilla glue Auto flower

She’s growing like crazy just wondering if I should use Nutrients she’s in week 6 transitioning to bloom I use cal mag & slight slight nutrients she’s done very very well but did not like lst!!! Or pruning so ive let her grow im wanting to move up with the nutrients but afraid I might hurt the yield best advice please pics will be posted .


Video here

During that transition (stretch) I usually give veg nutes, sometimes depending on strain or my eyes I use both veg & bloom nutes.

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Thanks piper! She’s about 4 ft tall now crazy crazy stretching never seen a growth like this first time trying an auto flower I was told she wouldn’t be tall " on her next feeding im using gen hydroponics nut"s I’m I started out with 3mg cal mag 6mg of micro and 4 mg of bloom in 5 gallons of ph"d water