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Lion wants some fem seeds I’ll shoot you some cash next week, I don’t care which or what, your stuff is always good.

Oh, 4/6 have popped now - just an update for you.


Decided to have my first dab and over a year, think I was actually approaching like 18 months. Felt great, felt absolutely phenomenal, I thought to myself do I want to have a second one and then I said hey how long do you have. My friend said that he had another 30 minutes so I said I think I want to have a second one in about 15. Time comes to have the second one again still feeling quite phenomenal, I think to myself about the vapor production and temperature with which the previous was set and I asked him to set it closer to 700 °. As I began to take the second dab, it was much more like the vapor production and lung filling that I was desiring, you know the type where you’re not able to see out your eyes until you exhale. As your exhaling you start wondering if you’re going to black out? You finally get it all out and think to yourself I should stop but you know the dab still going so you go back for another rip. Holy s*** that one really burned all the way down, you got to stop.

So you politely look to your friend and say I’m sorry to give you this mid dab but I’m not going to be able to finish this second one. You go and wipe your eyes and cough a few times, immediately starting to feel the anxiety and panic building. You think to yourself if I can just hold on until he’s out of the house I’ll be able to lay down on the couch and everything will be all right. You pace around you get your glass of water. You wait until he finally leaves you politely count to 10 before you lock the door so there’s no abrasive sound. You sit down on the couch and you start counting your breaths realizing you can not get past 3 seconds before you must exhale. You look at the clock and see that it’s only 20 minutes after. You think to yourself. I have to just make it 15 minutes, focus breathing for 15 minutes, and everything will be all right. You have to go better than 3x3, you need to be for 4 seconds, 5 seconds, 8x8 is what we’re going for bud. You still can’t get past three. You look at the clock. Did it just go backwards 1 minute. I can’t look at the clock. It’s not going to help me. You drink some water. You think to yourself This is going to be a ride.

All of the panic and anxiety and struggling to breathe that took place over the next 15 minutes. I’d need not go in as great detail as I have above. It took 15 minutes to capture my breathing, it took 50 to finally get the panic and anxiety under control. Should I have stopped at 1, I felt pretty good at 1, but I also feel phenomenal right now. I knew when it started what that rodeo ride was going to be like. Having one created a fantastic high, that would have been a perfect stopping point. Having two however feels like it was a spiritual cleansing. Still obviously it was far more than needed, and I don’t suggest that if you haven’t dabbed in quite a while you push the limits, just have one.

TLDR: My cat killed a bird


I dont dab for a couple reasons.

  1. Ruins my tolerance to thc
  2. Makes me cough wicked like for 15-20 minutes
  3. Expensive
  4. Takes a lot of flower to get the dab.

:monkey: In the back
:lemon: In the front
Flipping them Friday!


Man those might hit the light! Watch they’ll stretch 40%-60% in flower eek! :exploding_head: i guess youll get a crash course in pinching techniques real fast. This is gonna be close either way! :eyes:

Edit: i cant see above your light i may be wrong? How many inches have you got total grow height? And how tall are the plant’s from soil to tops.


They’re going to be moving out of that room. The light is only 200 Watts and they’ve managed to achieve nearly 4 ft. They’re going to be moving into the 680 W room. I just have to harvest those cherries.

I like to keep the lights at about the nose line on our faces so that way they don’t blind me when I’m in there


Ohh man dont play around get some uv glasses. The lights will fry your eyes! No for real like welding its soo bad for your eyes. I have 4 pairs in case nobody goes into the grow without them! Promise me youll get some asap! :pray::pray:

i have 2 pairs of method sevens.


Will make it a point to buy some come payday.

Feeling ready for harvest tomorrow. After I harvest, I’ll drink a glass of water, and begin moving my 10 babies into the adult room. Good morning of work tomorrow.

Excited to see how my $15 dollar drying closet will play out.

Feeling as if I have a grip on my mental state today too. Hopefully I don’t come unglued driving later. Maybe that dab, or that meeting, idk know what, but something gave me a little breathing room finally.

The VA is not any help, I’m going to end that saga today by telling them to just leave me be now. I think I’ll go to a weekly meeting for a while, maybe just talking to other humans, or hearing other humans perspectives was helpful?

So I was just planting three of the six seeds I sprouted a couple days ago, @preybird1 caviar ( two will be ready tomorrow ). It occurred to me the new Beavis and Butthead is available today on Paramount. So with that, I bid you farewell.


You can try Paramount Plus for free, Beavis and Butt-Head was just outstanding. It felt like a great return to the 90s. Not a significant spoiler but Beavis takes a much smarter role and more of a lead this time around. Absolutely funny, you won’t regret watching it.


Haha, nothing better.


Breathtaking horror. Beyond the gore and the terror, the blood, the murder and the cannibalism and the sadism, and even beyond the many, many rapes, this film still delivered.

Truthfully I am surprised at how close to the “Crossed” comic this movie resembles without their being a lawsuit.

100% horror show - you have been warned

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It’s rainin’ y’all

(not racist)



Done with harvest. Going to clean myself up, have my cup of morning coffee, and then get to work flipping and transplant and trimming the babies into the adult room.

Here are some pictures. I hope that everyone can now see my little vision for the drying cabinet.

Peanut gallery, please chime in. Also, what are these little yellow squares people talk about for catching bugs.


Skinny…search ‘sticky pest strips’ …they are widely available…


@skinnyhb here you go. Dawhunt 48 Pack Yellow Sticky Traps for Fungus Gnats Fruit Fly Traps for Indoors Bug Thrip Catcher for Whitefly, Fungus Gnat, Mosquito and White Flying Insects Whole Glue : Everything Else


So I ran out of dirt, and I started to overheat. I’ll have to knock the rest of the plants out today or tomorrow morning. I did manage to get all of the Monkey Slapz switched over, which is great because they are past 90 days of veg.

Managed to get the room cleaned out of the fruit flies, for now. I can’t believe how much I had sitting in just one closet. As you can see from the photos, the other closet still has a load of babies, and 5 Amnesia Lemon Runtz to move out.

@TheMadFlascher BBP applied to adults and then lights out for them, until tonight at 7. @olereynard suggested to me long ago to fill to the top, maybe that’s why I ran out of dirt so fast, but my ladies have a lot more room to root downward.

Thanks everyone for the knowledge you share.

New Adults

Veg Room

@nacho151 purchased and arriving tomorrow


Have you tried mosquito bits? That would help if you have larva and eggs in your soil.


Holy shit, things are finally working again. Hi everyone!


Good morning all, time to get back on track here as we all appear to be able to login again. I had flipped and flowered and harvested last I was able to post. Been a few days now and I have been able to try the Cherry OG. I am so very pleased to mention that it is not a bad smoke because I’ve got six plants of it and I really needed something good.

Everything in the baby room is doing great. I got six cups. I need to move into 1 gallon bags here in the next couple days. Five of those ladies are ready to be adults, but I didn’t want to fill up my adult room too fast. Intentionally staggering growth by 30 days so I can have staggered harvests.

Anyway, here’s picture of the two rooms and the babies:


Looking good man.