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Smart pots

I’m considering trying Smart Pots.
Do they really make a difference?

You mean air pots? Or the fabric ones?

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@fusiondesigner The 2 are so completely different, not sure why you are asking for clarification? :grinning:

@crowkiller Smart Pots/fabric pots are great for growing weed. The fabric allows air and moisture through to help keep your rootzone from drowning, plus it air prunes any out of control roots which helps keeps plants from getting rootbound too easily. It’s very hard to overwater an established plant in one, unless you oversaturate the pot daily. Even with big 15 gallon flushes, a 5 gallon pot will dry out w/in a week.

The material is flimsy, but once filled, the pots hold their own. I like to keep them on trays/in shallow totes to make moving them easier. I find moving them too roughly can mess with the medium/rootzone, and since I grow autos, I try to disturb the roots as little as humanly possible.

You do have to be careful watering, because sometimes the liquid will escape out the sides, rather than do what it’s supposed to. You have to water slowly, as you should be doing anyway, to ensure the medium is absorbing the water rather than it flowing straight down and out the side of your pot. Also, make sure your pots are up off the ground and that any run-off gets cleaned up, otherwise those roots on the bottom might not get airpruned, but rather start growing in that nasty underpot sludge, possibly infecting your plants with some sort of plant cooties.

You can even use them in Auto pots and other SIP systems!

I love em, myself. Cheap, reusuable, easy to store, and the plants like em.


Thank you for your time, @blackthumbbetty
I think I’m giving them a try my next grow
I’m a " Auto Flower" convert myself :wink:

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Thanks for the reply it was very helpful in my decision to try fabric pots !

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