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So Glad Pruitt is Gone from the EPA, But There's Still a Lot for Us to Do!

In 2017, the EPA struck down (denied) a Local Needs application for a California company that wanted to sell its insecticides for use on cannabis, made from (ready?): capsicum oleoresin extract, garlic oil, soybeal oil and potassium salts of fatty acids. Sounds harmful, doesn’t it? (sarcasm)

Pruitt denied them because Federal regulations allow the EPA to deny applications based on products not having a “similar use pattern” to other Federally-registered pesticides.

How so, you ask? Great question! Because,“Under Federal law, cultivation (along with sale and use) of cannabis is generally unlawful…and that therefore, the general illegality of cannabis cultivation makes pesticide use on cannabis a fundamentally different use pattern.”

He used the fact that cultivation is illegal under Federal law as the reason for why the use pattern is different! How do they get away with this stuff?!

Attached is the copy of the letter to the CA Dep’t. of Pesticide Regulationnotice-cannabis-snl-registrations-california1.pdf (475.9 KB)


this reasoning can ONLY be ascribed to politicians!

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…and their lawyers! This is a legal game of semantics. (Well if the item it’s being used on is illegal (to us), then using your item on an illegal one is different than using it on a legal one)

Regardless, the people who get hurt are the ones who can benefit (from the company itself, to the growers and end-users), which makes no sense.