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Solicited California growers favor 4 me

hi I was wondering can someone from California do some solicited growing for me or come out and help me Im scared to do my first grow I wanna get a good grow

That’s the 3rd thread you started about this… No offense but you should do it on your own if your serious about it… Good luck!!


Cali growing is legal bro. Do it. What makes you so nervous.


I don’t wanna mess up the plant this will be my first time

Shit man its part of the game you gotta mess stuff up to really figure stuff out. Iy does kinda suck but after first grow man your second grow will be 100x better. Trust me man just go for it. Alot of us started out in makeshift grow spaces made outa cardboard boxes and cfl lights lol


So lets help you get set up. And help you through the first grow.
You can also educate yourself with simple google searches. This isn’t a forum like the others. Its better. You litterly have the best of the best in one place. Willing to help.


@jyoung what’s your budget… What strains? What medium? What type of lighting?.. If your serious about learning cool… But if you think someone is willing to just come out to you and say here you go now grow your dead wrong… Be more legit