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Solo Cup Grow

Cuts were taken last week to be at two weeks on the 27th.

All clones were cut to have 2 nodes completely in the starter cube, dipped in powdered rooting hormone, sure to get it on the cut nodes. 2 tops on each (mom’s were topped about a week before clones were taken). When the clones were taken they had the double tops and 2 lower branches with their fan leaves. The two lower branches and their fan leaves were cut off after 1 week, leaving the plant looking like this. Freshly cut plants were foliar fed with a 5:2 ratio fulvic acid:kelp, and again today when trimmed.

The dome was on a heat pad for the first 3 days, 100% RH at about 28°C air temperature. Then off the heat pad, 90% RH and 25°C for 4 days. Keeping the temperature stable and dropping the humidity to about 65% RH next week when they go into veg. Room’s CO2 is about 600 PPM.

Lights on 24h. Higher blue spectrum. 100 micromoles for the first 3 days, working up to 250 after the first week.

Plants are hand watered once a day until they are fully flushed with fresh nutrient. Flood and drain works great too, so long as they’re raised on a rack and not left sitting in a puddle. pH 6.3, working down to 6.0 by the end of cloning. Air stone in the reservoir. Being fed 15-6-17 at an EC of 0.65 Fulvic, kelp and B vitamins added at 5%, 2% and 3% of the of the final weight of the fertilizer. Final EC is about 0.85.

Roots after the first week.

Still not sure which plant I’ll end up using in the cup. I’ve got CBDurban Poison, Northern Lights, and Orange Chemo to choose from this crop.


Happy little trees.

Roots are looking nice and there is the smallest amount of new growth is just getting started.


Only take well developed cuts! Both taken from the same mom on the same day. This is the difference after 9 days.

I’m thinking of running these two plants side by side to show the difference having a healthy clone can make. Any interest in seeing that?


Beautiful clones! They will make great plants :+1:


Thanks. I’m excited to get my tent filled and start another run. The summer here has been too hot to grow anything indoor, so I’m excited for things to cool down so I can text my new light.


Changed lighting to 18/6 and put the dome on at an angle at day 10. Temperature is 22°C and RH is 65%. All clones have developed roots.


Ready for transplant this Saturday. Dome was taken off completely on day 11. Plants are at about 0.6 - 0.7 VPD. Foliar fed daily with fulvic/kelp.


Perfect SOP my friend. I will definitely take notes.


That’s some healthy looking babies you got there! Really nice!


Loving this! Keep it coming! I will definitely be following closely. Can I also request that you create a journal for the CBDurban poison seeds that you have??


Definitely. I’ll be running 4 new-to-me plants this cycle and I’ll keep this thread updated with their progress. All plants will have the same feeding, training and environment.

Seeds were put into rockwool cubes in August and left in a flood/drain set-up for 2 weeks while I vacationed with my family. I let them veg up until I took these clones to see which ones had the nicest structure, then culled the large plants to build up some numbers. I’m excited to see how they produce.

I’m not even sure if I’ll be able to enjoy the harvest, though. I received an offer to start-up and oversee a MMJ operation 6 time zones away, so we’ll have to see how it all plays out.

Thanks for all the kind words!


I’m a little late to the party, but I wanted to say that I am very interested in seeing that experiment of healthy rooted clones versus, well not so healthy rooted ones, if I’m not too late!

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In her final home with Grodan gro-chunks. The hydroton is surrounding the cup for support.
I’ve got them under a BIOS Icarus Gi2 LED fixture at the moment, but expect to receive a 315w CMH in the next week to take over veg duties. I’ll post another thread in the equipment reviews once that arrives (thanks GN for hooking me up).
EC is at 0.8, pH 6.1


What size are the net pots? And how are you getting the top part irrigated. Is it the same water delivery system ie pump or is it multiple pumps? I want to add that same thing to my small 3 gallon net pots. I was reading about lowering the water to make the roots grow more but also still delivering watr to the upper roots. I love your table flood and drain. Very interesting you can do small amounts of plants and large it looks like. I like it. How big is the flood table you were using?

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I’m running my tent as a drip to waste system at the moment.
There is one pump feeding a floraflex metered bubbler. The bubbler has 8 hose outputs and I use 2 per plant. On the other plants they’re dripping into a floraflex 6" cap. The net pots are the biggest I could get, I use term to set 6x6x6 rockwool cubes (or most recently 1 gallon pots filled with rockwool chucks - same size roots, way less expenses). They drip through the net cup, into the 5 gallon bucket. 5 gallon buckets are connected at The bottom by a hose that allows all of them to gravity drain out of the tent.
The yellow hose comes from the pump and feeds the drip bubbler. The green hoses that connect the bottom of the buckets are the drain lines. If I want to run it as a RDWC setup I just plumb the yellow hose into the top fitting on the bucket and have the green hoses run back to a main reservoir. In RDWC I use a 6" net cup and have an air stone in each bucket. I did it this way so I can run my tent in different styles. I can add or remove buckets to change the size of the system.


Very nice im loving it. Your roots are amazing. I can only fit 4x 3 gallon sites. But i was contemplating 5 gallon buckets.

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I liked the 5 gallon buckets for RDWC for the fact that my girls can drink as much as 2 gallons per day in late flower. Having a big reservoir or large buckets helps to keep things consistent. I keep my “control bucket” outside of the tent and use the flexible hose to keep things easy to organize.


Nice idea having a resivoir out of the tent. I keep all my balasts and inline fans out of the tents to reduce heat. I was wondering how much heat my qauntum boards will make because the have to go inside the tent. You know ive really enjoyed chatting with people here. You all have been very kind and like family now. My wife is annoyed now because im what you can an overdoer. I get into something i like and i go crazy. It could be drones. It could be motorcycles. It could be gardening. Shit i get going and go to the source and learn all about it and then i do it to the max. I built this green house and want to automate it. Im trying to figure out the odor issue and being able to see into it through the plastic film. Its agtec 12mil lpdv coated on both sides. I have 2 solar panels a charge controller 1 fan 1 vent and a deepcycle battery. I need only a sinewave inverter and it will be ready to test.


Adapting to her new home nicely.


Man im jealous. What a great setup you have!

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