Some excuses for red eye jedi's

Interested to know some of the excuses you have used for the sideffect of smoking weed: Red Eyes.

Personally I have no problem with glazed eyes and will go most places showing them off proudly. I usually use the excuse of feeling a cold coming on, or an allergy. What are some of your excuses you have used? Any funny stories?

Whats so interesting about the red eyes we get from weed, is the exact same reason people use it for diseases for glaucoma.

"In laymens terms, cannabis lowers your blood pressure which causes your blood vessels and capillaries to dilate. When you ocular capillaries dilate, there is a reduction of intraocular pressure and increased blood flow to your eyes. The increased blood flow is the reason for the redness and the decrease in eye pressure is the exact reason why its used to treat patients suffering glaucoma. " - write high, edit sober.

One of my good stories about red eyes I was travelling into central town after a reggae gig I had managed to drop off one of my vendors. My car was full with paraphernalia that we had been selling, and both of us were wearing red, gold and green due to party that night. Must have been after 2am, dark road, blue lights behind us. We pull over, cop gets us out the car and puts his torch in my face and says why your eyes so red? I just pointed at my shirt and said we have just finished a reggae gig. My shirt ( I will find it and post ) , had a print of rasta DJ smoking a big spliff. He laughed at us and motioned us to continue on our journey. We were lucky, it was a good laugh for both of us.


Great story.

My husband and I just moved into a new area. I was going 45 mph and didn’t know it changed to 25 mph. Lol I never noticed :sweat_smile:. Needless to say I got pulled over. I see my husband freaking out because we just got done smoking. They cop called his Sgt. About getting a dog to check out the car. I started freaking out. My husband got all of out information out of the glove box and he had a freaking bowl in there. The cop was on his side of the car. Witch freaked me out even more. Omg what do I do. Thank God we are over 50 and I have nothing on my record so the sgt. Called off the dog and told me to watch my led foot. :laughing:
I never was pulled over before then and we lived in FL at the time.


Lovely ending to a cool story for you and your hubby. Sad that police have to use so many resources to mess a stoners day up. SGT’s and K9’s.


I know.
Thank You Chris. I’m a new grower. And learning so much.

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No excuses… my parent’s knew I was high when I was 12… if I lied I got a swat…tell the truth they left the room…


my mother thought I was high the times I wasn’t… i never understood that.


I totally forgot about the best excuse, stay high and that becomes the norm.


I walked into grade 11 metal fabrication class after just finishing two big baseball bat joints late of course. The teacher looks at me and a buddy and said what a have you been up to lmao. I said nothing of course maybe just my allergies he proceeded to to call out to the whole class “hey does anybody have any bandages anybody? This guys eyes are bleeding! Then just told us to sit down and not to touch anything.

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Grade 10 - 12 i had a medical card and would regularly smoke before class, well every teach gave up on trying to punish me and i actually had class with the same teach for four hours and right as the first bell rang she had eye drops ready for me. Still kick ass Ms H. She would bring me chips and all the goodies. told her in grade 12 that i would be working in the industry, 8 years later proudly working as a budtender and a hobbyist grower, she supported me the entire way.

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Ms H, you are a gem. Lovely story @wubblefeel. Maybe contact her at somestage and give her some of the fruits of your labor and catch up, she is probably a toker.


Yknow now that you mention it i really should. She wouldnt have been so cool about unless she knew a lil about it herself, im looking her up after harvest!


I’m old so I don’t shive a git anymore! But back in the day I had an old girlfriend that swore me& my friends kept the Visine place in business!
Never left home without it.


I didn’t start smoking 10 years ago. I was a late bloomer. I tried it 20+ years ago and i didn’t like it because it put me in the dirt.
What I would give for that kind of smoke now a days. Lol