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Spannabis 2020 Barcelona visitors networking

Hello to everybody!
We are a group of cannabis community members who arrived to Barcelona before Spannabis 2020 was canceled.
Now we visit our local social club and seek to other who would like to meet each other.
I’ve created a telegram chat to communicate and meet each other here.

For a lovely joint and information sharing.
Please join if interested or PM me.
Best regards,
Anton Mormul
Ukranian cannabis activist


Damnit if I only saw thise post earlier. Some mates were also in Barecelona and managed to get to a couple private parties like Dab a Doobie.

I will be on their show tonight at 7:00pm ( +2GMT ) talking about the postponement of our agricultural show in SA. Not to sure what time slot I will be on, but the show goes for about 1.5 hours.

Hope you managed to get back to your homeland and also were able to network atleast a little. Sad times, but keep on walking tall.


Looks nice. Next time we will definetely have a party together🙏 What do you do in cannabis industry?

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I work as a freelancer in the cannabis industry. Mainly I write for and develop cannabis brands across the globe.

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