Spots on leaves


Long time lurker first time poster. I’m about to enter week 7 of Veg. I woke up this morning and found these spots on just a small number of my leaves and I’m not sure what it is as a first time grower. Growing in Soil under a Kingbrite QB. Temps around 76° RH around 53%. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Welcome to GN and great that you made your first post. Might be a magnesium deficiency. Easy enough to sort. Get some epsom salts, mix it in with water and spray your plants for an almost immediate fix. However it could also be pointing out other problems e.g

  • Cold wet and acidic soil
  • could also mean high levels of nitrogen, potassium or magnesium in the soil.

Personally I would spray the leaves with epsoms and see from there. Keep looking for other signs.

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