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Spray Damage And Regeneration. Week 7 Of Flowering

I sprayed my girl with a mixture of bleach, vinegar and baking soda diluted in water. I had spider mites, and tried homemade pesticide. the plant is in week 5 of Flowering burns on leaf and pistils are burnt dried the buds seem okay but nodes under the buds are burnt as well. What can I do to prevent decreased yeilds, what should I do now? Please help.

What ratio??.. I would never spray my plants with bleach at any ratio @HenryTheRealist. … Home depot has bonide neem oil for 10$… I’ve heard of alcohol water mix for diy but I don’t trust a diy pest mix… I just got humbolts secret for pest control… Not sure if they are doomed but maybe @preybird1 or @Ladithief @packee @districtflora @bobette @tax @Tygrow78 may have a better answer


Whoops. Thats was not what you should have sprayed the plant with. And spraying in sunlight is the worst it will burn the piss out of it. And pistils should never be sprayed at all during flower. Not much you can do now damage is done for now. Just dont do that again and use spinosad or BTK if outdoors. Mitesvare very hard to kill and usually need more than one product to take them out. Dont be hard on yourself thats how we learn. I fried plants. Shit i forgot how hot my tiny Quantum board is that i have for medium veg is. I burned my NYC diesle pretty good for 12 hrs untill i got home. It can happen


This may help you out as far as ingredients if you ever try a dyi again but like @preybird1 said apply at lights off :100: with whatever you use


Besides from the burnt pistils and few edges of the leaves burnt it really doesn’t look that bad, will it regenerate and still produce decent buds? Or will it just stop there the buds seem okay. I sprayed while the sun was setting maybe that’s why it’s burnt the Rays of the setting sun may have caused it to burn?

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You will still have bleach in your buds when dried… I messed up and sprayed with sulfur in flower last year… threw the plant in the burn pit… never again… neighbours got high I think…


:face_with_head_bandage: bro. Don’t spray with bleach. That’s not good for your plants.

The burn is prob from the bleach that you used. The sun :sunny: prob increased that burn too

There’s plenty of products, organic and non,out there that’s safe to use for any and all issues you may have.

If you have mites and you’re outside, you should have predators outside that will help as well

Get some Dr Zymes It’s organic and can be used in flower



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I will not give up call me crazy. I will keep nursing my baby girl. It was two tablespoon bleach, 2 table spoon baking soda and two tablespoon of vinegar to half gallon of water. Today I see white pistils growing or maybe regenerating but a few days ago all pistils was brown. Is this new growth or regeneration? I know I messaged up but it’s already done, Please stop telling me to give up okay and I dont want to hear about products that I should have used…

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I want to hear from people who had similar situation and kept their plant, like how was the harvest? Also I want to re veg this plant after harvest anybody here ever done that? My God this plant smells heavenly. I will not give up

It will keep growing. It will make more bud around the stunted areas. It may be a little burned looking. Dont scrap it. Keep at it . Next time take a clone or 2 for later. For the exact reason you described. Because it so heavenly. Always sucks after when your like this is killer bud. And you have no more. I just did this with my top dawg strain. So damn good and i spaced cloning it totally. Now im down to 1 mason jar and i have tons of other plants but not that one shit i F’d up there.

Edit: i forgot to mention also mites hate water and humidity and just spraying them mites off with light water pressure really helps also. Mites like dry and hot conditions.

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What kinda help is start over! or, you should have did this! or, you shouldn’t have done that!. Bro I’m not grateful for that kinda help…

@HenryTheRealist we have all thrown entire harvest away I tossed a QP last run because I fucked up… It’ll produce bro but it’s stunned as fuck right now… Grow it out keep us posted


@preybird1thanks bro…I have two clones from it but one has started flowering with no significant veg growth, had no rooting harmone so I used aspirin, took a while but It has roots


Lol! I bet they did. Yeah, you’re right though. Sulfur will do a number on em. Been there, done that.

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I was let astray by someone intentionally telling me to do something I shouldn’t have… that person is not inexistent to me now… every once in awhile I get sent a stupid meme which I just ignore and go about my life…see what true living soil does come mold and mildew season… I have no pests… the sap sucker or catepillar… but my centipedes and millipedes and predator wasps and ladybugs seem to be handling them quite readily…as a pest… you don’t want to be near my living soil… like running through a mine blind folded and drunk on White Russians…lol…

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That is enough bleach to poison you. A bleach solution used to sanitize an institutional kitchen is only a couple TBs per gallon of water.

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We tried to tell him that but it wasn’t helpful enough smfh

@mouse935 Sir you are a Saboteur, a snake in the grass, please help me no more, depart Cacodaemon.

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@Arbitrode 2 tablespoon of bleach can’t kill anyone in Jamaica. That’s the amount we put in our drinking water. @mouse935 And for the plant it looks better every day :crazy_face: you can’t convince me to destroy it :crazy_face:. If Maladvisor was a real word that’s what I would call you

Damn bro seriously… Not cool one bit since you initiated the shit to begin with… Brotha was just looking for some answers to see what it would do… Keep it at that @mouse935